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Open April 28th to October 1st

Oléron Island


Water Park

Pool camping Oléron

Pool at Camping Au Pigeonnier

At our campground, we have a brand new water park with a 100 m² pool, a whirlpool, a bubble bench, and an electrically heated paddling pool. There's also a large sunbathing area where you can relax and get a tan.

Our pool is covered all season long, so you can swim no matter the weather. On sunny days, we can uncover it for your enjoyment.

Please remember that proper swimwear is required, and pets are not allowed in the pool area.

The pool is exclusively for the use of our campground guests.

New Water Park

2020 brought exciting changes to water park at Camping Au Pigeonnier.

The pool and surrounding areas underwent a complete renovation, with old structures being demolished and replaced with new, modern features that are visually appealing.

The new water park includes a wellness area integrated into the pool, where you can fully unwind and enjoy the relaxing massages provided by the Balneo-Jacuzzi hot tub.

The campground's new aquatic complex is heated to a comfortable 229 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the season, from April to October. During the off-season, the pool is fully covered to ensure optimal temperature control and comfort.

And that's not all – even the youngest ones are well taken care of! The new kiddie pool is seamlessly incorporated into the main pool, featuring high-quality heated water. Rest assured, safety is a top priority with clear physical separation between the different pool areas.

A Pool for Water Sports

Our rectangular-shaped pool is a haven for water sports and activities.

Whether you're an experienced camper or a beginner, you can dive into exciting games of water polo, water basketball and volleyball. Join in the fun with our Olympic-inspired events, aqua aerobics, and don't miss out on our lively nighttime pool parties.

With ample opportunities to mingle and make connections, you'll have the chance to forge new vacation friendships while enjoying the water.

Covered and Heated Pool

At Camping Au Pigeonnier in Château d'Oléron, we have a fantastic indoor heated pool.

Whether the sun is not yet shining brightly or the weather is still mild during the shoulder seasons, we've got you covered for swimming!

Our pool area is covered and equipped with comfortable « sun loungers », allowing you to fully enjoy the heated water. You'll experience the same refreshing sensations as swimming in an uncovered pool during the summer.

360° Tour of the Covered and Heated Pool

Pool camping Oléron

Pool camping Oléron
Pool camping Oléron
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