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Open April 28th to October 1st

Oléron Island


The Restaurants and Flavours of Oléron

Discover all the restaurants in Oléron on the Maison du Tourisme website.

Whether you're on a romantic date, with family, or friends, you can enjoy delicious local dishes from the land and the sea.

While staying at Au Pigeonnier, make sure to explore the region's culinary heritage and savor its flavors. There are plenty of opportunities to try the excellent Oléron products, especially at the island's restaurants.

Christelle and Fabrice, who are passionate about Oléron's cuisine, will be happy to give you recommendations and share their tips...

Don't miss out on our specialties :

Marennes Oléron oysters : These oysters have a unique taste and a firm, juicy, and crunchy texture thanks to their maturation in claires. They can be enjoyed throughout the year!

Oléron fish and seafood : From line-caught sea bass, turbot, meagre, sea bream, sole, langoustines, to lobsters, you'll find a wide variety of fresh fish brought in by local fishing boats.

Smoked mussels with pine needles: These mussels are prepared using a traditional method called "églade" where they are cooked with pine needles. Enjoy them with a glass of local Charentais wine.

Charentais wines, Cognacs, and Pineau.

Oléron beers : Whether you prefer blondes, browns, reds, or ambers, you'll find a selection of craft beers with unique flavors like ginger, raspberry, cardamom, and even organic options! These beers are a hit among beer enthusiasts.

Salt and fleur de sel : The small white crystals that form on the surface of the salt marshes are known as the "white gold" of Oléron's salt workers. Fleur de sel is perfect for enhancing the flavors of fish and meat dishes, as well as adding a special touch to buttery caramels and Charentais galettes. You can also find flavored salts to enhance your culinary creations.