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Tours near Ile d'Oléron

What to do-off camping in Charente-Maritime


If you retrace your steps and back across the bridge to the mainland, Rochefort, wholly located on the right bank of the Charente is a town dating from the seventeenth century. Its creation in 1666 was to implement a dockyards and military into one of the largest Kingdom of France. Hence a rich urban heritage which is the glory of the Charente-Maritime, which gives it to be classed a city of art and history.

La Corderie royale

The Royal Cords: it Rochefort, Colbert, eager to support the Dockyard, built the royal rope factory was to produce ropes and other ropes for Arsenal. Its uniqueness lies in that it is built on a raft of oak beams because of unstable ground on which it rests. Large spa and tourist town famous, she did not like him to highlight its museum and cultural life.

Museum of yesteryear stores otherwise known as the Museum of Occupations Mercury twenty stalls and shops there been faithfully restored. It exposes the shops from the 1900s and the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque is felt throughout his visit.


Just off the bridge from the island, a major road junction, to go to the towns of Rochefort (27 km), Saintes (41 km), Royan (30 km), Tremblade (10 km) the island of Oleron (6 km).

City of Marennes oyster: to learn all about oysters and how learn to enjoy and learn all about the oyster and its secrets. Under the Second Empire is that the oyster has gained his first acclaim.

This industry takes off: the old salt marshes are gradually converted into clear, (river where oysters are raised) oysters is becoming a must for the upper middle class and remains today a plate of king At the entrance of Marennes, you can visit the castle Gataudière, dating from the mid eighteenth century, enriching the historical heritage of the city. With its 20-hectare park there displays a collection Horse and a small naval museum.

Zoo de la Palmyre

At just 27 km from the campsite to the loft, the zoo of La Palmyre near the math: this wildlife park of 18 ha is the height of 130 species of animals and do not count months of 1600 it is one of the most beautiful and of the busiest in Europe.


A 42 km from the campsite to the loft, you will visit the famous city of Royan, a seaside resort at the mouth of the Gironde. Bombed in 1945, it has a modernist architecture of the fifties. We want to show the famous church Notre-Dame-de-Royan masterpiece of contemporary architecture, she is a ship and is making it a tourist attraction. The gardens of the world: great park that offers English gardens, Japanese style, the oldest olive trees in Europe (1800 years), the Butterfly House the flag of bonsai and orchids in the greenhouse.

The Castle of puzzles Pons near Royan: as its name indicates, this castle is based puzzles, treasure hunts to find a treasure! Young and old take to the game

On the coast, you can admire the beautiful conches, beaches alternating with cliffs. The smallest, a few hundred meters away, the bay of Pigeon and the largest, Great Conche spans nearly three kilometers from the port and Saint-Georges-de-Didonne hometown of Colette Besson, the female athlete who had his moment of glory at the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968 and they had nicknamed the little bride from France.

La Rochelle a city environmentally committed

La Rochelle is a fortified city and as you can see the monuments of defense. Do not leave without visiting La Rochelle medieval towers in the Old Port, they guard the entrance and made it world famous. The only remains of the medieval walls remaining the tower of St. Nicolas and the Tour de la Chaîne.

Museums of La Rochelle

La Rochelle, a city of art and history is a gold mine at the cultural level. A whole host of museums can take you all day.

The Museum of Automata

On a surface of 1500 m² we encounter the most beautiful and largest collection of automata France The Montmartre area is restored and was littered with no fewer than 300 machines that will delight young and old.

Museum of Reduced Models

More fodder for passionate hobby! Very close to that of automata, this museum is full of miniatures: for model airplanes, boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks or trains for hours and hours of creative artists
The Perfume Bottle Museum: Located at 33 rue du Temple in La Rochelle, this museum presents an entire sample ... samples of fragrance! Over 1000, a fabulous collection of small bottles and compacts from 9 different countries and the most admired are those signed by figures such as Cocteau, Salvador Dali Lalique.

Aquarium of La Rochelle

It is part of the largest aquariums in Europe. Near the Minimes district and the Old Port, this giant aquarium covers 8,500 square meters and has no fewer than 12,000 animals from 600 species. It is in 3 million cubic meters of sea water that you are exposed to all this wildlife Navy. Not less than half the volume of water that is intended for sharks. Devotees Dents de Mer will have every opportunity to go watch these inhabitants of the oceans

>> Visit the website of the Aquarium La Rochelle

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