73, avenue d'Antioche 17480 île d'Oléron,
Charente-Maritime France
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Fees and details

Mobile home and chalet rent

Camping openned from 29/03/2018 to 01/10/2018. Tourist tax included.

Information and prices of chalets and mobile-homes for rent

Allée ensoleillée du camping le Pigeonnier Camping au Pigeonnier mobile home or chalet fees and details
In the campsite, you will have the choice between chalet for 2/4/5 or 6 people or a mobile home for 4 or 5 people, TV and heating system included in every habitation (except model B “Domino”).

Location de vélos à proximité du camping
In mid-season, from 29/03/ to 09/07 and from 02/09 to 01/10, arrivals and departures are possible every day of the week. Arrivals start from 4PM and departure between 8 AM and 10 AM.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rents.
PS: Tourist tax is directly included in the fees.

Cancelation guarantee cost 5% of the total invoice.

Only one pet is allowed per rent or pitch. They need to be conformed with national norms, as it happens, have the anti rabic tattoo, do not belong to dangerous categories (1 & 2),have an updated vaccination card and be on a leash inside the camping.

Long stay offer: 3 or 4 month

Only available for 2 people in a chalet “Evasion” (D) in april, may, june, september.
- 3 months = € 1600
- 4 months = € 1900
Mid season offer

For all stay of one week in a rent from 29/03 to 09/07 and 02/09 to 01/10
- 2 nights offered
- (7=9; 7 nights paid= 9 nights in total)
- (9=11; 9 nights paid= 11 nights in total)
- (11=13; 11 nights paid= 13 nights in total)

10% on the total invoice for 3 weeks booked in a row.

Prices weekend rentals mid-season ( excluding long weekends)

additional car , trailer, motor bike, boat or tent per day 4€
visitor +2h (use of swimming pool not included) 4€
Animal per day 5€
Camping open from 29/03 to 01/10. Tourist tax included.
In season from 09/07 to 03/09 from 16h and departure between 8h and 10h
Mid-season arrival from 16h and departure between 8h and 11h.
From 29/03 to 01/10: TV included and heating in all rooms of all models except model B (Mobilhome "Domino").
Price for a minimum of 7, 9, 10, 11, 14 or 21 nights.
Arrival and departure on Wednesday and Sunday (from 09/07 to 03/09). In mid season, arrival and departure the whole week.
For arrivals before the date or hour planned with the camping, the tenant or camper may be asked to wait before installation. Except with agreement of the direction.

Our accommodation

Mobile-home DOMINO 4 and 5 persons 25 m²

Chalet DUO 2 pers. 18 m²

Chalet ESPACE 4/6 persons 33 m²

Chalet GRAND LARGE 6/8 persons 68 m² air-conditioning

Chalet LIFE PMR LIFE 4 persons 32 m2

Chalet ÉVASION 4 and 5 persons 27,5 m2

Chalet BIEN-ÊTRE 6 persons 29,7 m² 3 rooms

Chalet OLERON 6 persons 29,7 m² 3 rooms

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Wednesday 17 October 2018

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Happy New Year Offer

Offer -10% for booking a vacation stay of 2 consecutive weeks and camping - 5% still to stay for a location for a 2 weeks, valid until 31.01.2017.

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