Adventure playground

With small mushroom house, swing, inflatable giraffe, kids can enjoy all day moments of camaraderie with her pals, inventing adventures and let off steam in the playground which is reserved This place is their kingdom! A new swing was added, and new games, like pista: slide, climbing ramp, introductory algebra, counter, door, bar the ship, telescope, balcony … That’s what the deal during the long morning if they do not attend the wading pool.


Sports activities for grown ups

Besides the pool and visits around the major activities that remain very popular, camping at Dovecote, we focus primarily on sports events including tournaments. You’ll be spoiled for choice between basketball game very popular for good parts of fun with friends, a volleyball net stretched too so you can compete with friends, the inevitable ping-pong fans.


Fun activities

The camping holiday is incomplete without the inevitable bowling: a bowling long mornings or afternoons balls in hand. Depending on the season and according to the program, you can go at archery or enjoy the pool for aqua aerobics Learn the techniques of yoga or take swimming lessons are sometimes provided.


During the day, we also offer various workshops such as holiday souvenirs, painting and collage, traffic and collective games as games or quizzes on various topics …